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How to Confidently Share your Gifts, Make an Impact and grow your Income through Online Teaching in 35 Days

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Transformational Teacher; defn. one who “not only achieves transformation in her students, but who also models a willingness to be transformed by learning herself.”

**Creative Teaching Online is closed. Be sure to be added to the waitlist by emailing to be notified as soon as it re-opens**

What if you were making a difference in people's lives every day? What if you knew how to recognize what your unique expertise is? What if you were able to easily and confidently share that expertise; your knowledge and gifts with others? What if the technology piece of that was all figured out for you? What if you were bringing in additional income to support yourself and your family with the most fulfilling/satisfying work from home?

Let's get right to it, shall we? If you want the quick version.

Below is my story that lead to the inspiration of this Course Offering, plus a whole list of the benefits and features of Creative Teaching Online but if you want to know the transformation you can expect by participating in this course, read on.

I mean what do you really get if you invest in this course?

Joining Creative Teaching Online will transform you into a Confident Teacher with a clear sense of purpose, ready to share your gifts and knowledge with the world; and! you will have your first course offering up and ready to share and sell in 35 days. You will have the opportunity to make an IMPACT and INCOME!

My story ~

If you've known me for a while, followed my story then you know I've struggled with balancing the two creative expressions I love dearly; painting, making art and teaching/podcasting or what I often refer to as my "voice expression" or am now calling a "narrative art".

What I realized recently is that I wasn't making a choice between the two, I didn't have to. I never had to.

Looking back now I see that it has been the voices of Fear and Self Doubt that made me believe I had to choose. Those sneaky voices!

As one of the first to the online teaching scene in 2008, even one of the first to teach how to teach online...When I started to watch so many other teachers flood the market, I began to doubt my own gifts, expertise, and voice. "Why would anyone need me to guide them when there are SO many wonderful teachers out there? I'm sure they're doing a better job than I could" "How do I figure out all of this new technology and do I really even have the time?" "They all have teams of people helping them with professional video and I'm a team of one" "People are already teaching what I want to teach, so there really is no need for my course offering".

Have you ever thought of teaching? If so do any of these thoughts sound familiar? and are you believing them?

What I've since learned after I decided to commit to sharing in this space once again. All of those statements are false.

My renewed dedication to teaching and podcasting have also tapped me into one of the most fulfilling times in my life.

You have a GIFT, a story, a purpose, whatever you want to call it, something you've figured out that by sharing with others could impact their life in a profound way, big or small.

Oh and ~ not only can you make this kind of a difference, you can bring in extra income for you and your family. This doesn't have to be a full time gig. You don't have to commit to entrepreneurship. You can do this on the side of a job or raising your family or in your retirement. And if you end up loving it as much I do, maybe it will become more. The possibilities are limitless and all up to you.

Because of my new awareness of how transformational teaching is not only for the student but for the teacher as well, I don't want anyone letting fear, or self doubt talk them out of sharing their gifts and expertise with the world. {And that goes for sharing their art too ;)}

During this course you will learn...

  • How to recognize your unique gift to share and choose your first course topic
  • How to organize, record, and edit your course content
  • What platform and software to use
  • What equipment to use (that you may already have!) and how to use it effectively
  • Effortless on camera and audio recording skills
  • How to launch and market your course
  • How to publish your first course offering, ready to share and sell online in 35 days

Are you intrigued, a little maybe a lot excited at the possibility but these are the thoughts currently going through your mind?

  • I don't know what I would teach?
  • I'm not an "expert" or a "teacher"
  • I don't have the time to learn one more platform
  • I'm technically overwhelmed an easily frustrated
  • I don't like to be on camera or the sound of my voice
  • I don't have the right equipment and don't have the budget to invest in more to grow my business right now
  • Other people are already teaching what I want to share and they are probably doing a better job
  • I don't have a (big enough) audience to market my course too

So, I get it. And I completely understand because I've been there.

All of which I say excuses, excuses, excuses begone! This is just fear and self-doubt masquerading as logical thinking.

If you are reading this far, you too have something to share so let’s get this Transformational Teaching party started! I’m here to support you in bringing your vision to a reality (even if you are unsure what that vision is, yet!)

And I'm only sad that I didn't ignore those voices before. Because I now know the fulfillment that comes from making a difference, from adding additional income to support you and your family in new ventures, to making a difference - did I mention making a difference? It is profound.

And maybe teaching truly isn't for you, but I would just check in and make sure before you turn an opportunity away - that you aren't excusing it because of any or all of the thoughts listed above.

Look, bottom line time: No one person can have expertise in all the areas we now need to run a successful business (and life for that matter). And that's great news! because it means we're going to be turning to the support of one another and we're going to want a lot of teachers who are willing to share a lot of different skills!

The world is changing. The economy is changing. This is the beginning of a new transformational time and we need you to share what you know with us!

What do I get with this course?

  • A combination of video and audio lessons
  • PDF Worksheets
  • A private forum to ask questions and comment

For the More Personal Attention Students

  • Access to a Private Facebook community
  • Live office hours with Marisa to ask questions
  • lead by Marisa Cummings, owner of Creative Thursday, professional Artist, Author, Educator, Podcaster and Online Pioneer and recently appointed "TrailBlazer", with expertise in both product and service based businesses

This course is for you:

You love sharing what you learn with others

You have an undeniable nudge and knowing that you want to share more with the world

You love seeing others succeed and thrive

You want encouragement, consistent support, more personal guidance, accountability combined with actionable steps, resources and tools to create your course

Are positive minded

Are excited to learn

Enthusiastic about growing your Profitable business

Ready to take action on your next steps

Welcome streamlining and efficiency

Aren't part of the group think mentality

Keep an Open Mind

Appreciate a genuine, kind, keeping it real environment

You want to be surrounded by fellow students and business owners who take the business of art seriously by investing in their education and their business

Love connecting with other Creatives who share the same values, integrity, goals and desires for next level success

You want regular access to a mentor who's been where you are, hasn't lost touch with the solo-preneur and small business life, and know's how to guide you to where you want to go

You want access to expertise and resources that would take you years, thousands of dollars (and lots of frustration) to find on your own

You want measurable results!!!

You want to build a sustainable business that supports the life you want, fulfillment of your creative expression and purpose, time for your loved ones, and more financial freedom

You want to get your first course offering out into the world!!, like, today!!

This course is not for you:

If you choose to let Fear and Self Doubt keep you from fulfilling your purpose

If you plan on believing the voices that tell you don't have anything to share

You keep saying "I don't know what I would want to teach" and you're not really interested in discovering it

You are convinced "teaching isn't for you"

If you're going to let your "fear" of being on camera or recording your voice convince you not share your gift

The thought of learning more technology (even in a simple easy to understand environment) is still, really going to frustrate you

You prefer to spend hours and hours of time combing through free resources to do everything yourself

You believe you have it all figured out and don't need any more knowledge or support of others

A message from Marisa:

A combination of failures and wins have lead me through 11 years of making a living as an artist and twenty years online, and today I'm answering the call for what I see missing in our landscape, for the mentorship I would have loved to have as I was growing my business. An early adopter from the time I began my podcast in 2006, I started teaching online in 2008 and opened my first online community in 2012. Technology has finally met what I envision and I have arrived at a place where I'm ready to share all I've learned. As someone who let fear and self doubt keep me from moving into my purpose earlier I have a fire in my belly to support all who are ready to commit to what's calling them, whether it's creativity, business or both. I welcome you to be a part of the beginning of something special! Watch the video above for more of my story on how this course came to be.

Together we're building a movement ~ creating our own Economic Eco System, and encouraging more creatives to thrive and transform the way we do business.

Support, encouragement, inspiration and achievable action are the intentions behind my teaching style. It's all about empowerment with more ease and less overwhelm, trusting your intuition and loving your life. ~ Marisa

Your Instructor

Marisa Cummings
Marisa Cummings

L.A. based Creative, Marisa Cummings is an artist, author, designer, speaker and series host. What started out as a small intention to be more creative one day a week while working a 9 to 5 job…is now the 13 year brand that is Creative Thursday. Her art sells worldwide and can be found in her own online boutique as well as select galleries and shops including Urban Outfitters, Land of Nod, Target and Papyrus. Marisa has designed 9 fabric collections and her book "Creative Thursday; everyday inspiration to grow your daily practice" has been published in 4 languages. Passionate about inspiring and empowering creative entrepreneurs to thrive in both life and business, Marisa teaches and consults. All of her present course offerings are now found here at Creative Thursday Courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what I want to teach?
No worries! That is what we are here to help you discover. Sometimes the choice is so easy, we miss what is obvious. And getting the support and feedback from others to make that first choice is exactly what we need!
Do I HAVE to be on CAMERA to teach?
No you don't :) While it is widely known that seeing someone increases the "like, know trust" factor exponentially so does hearing their voice. So does reading their lessons. I know many successful teachers who admittedly "hate" or "hated" (because being comfortable on camera is a skill set you can develop) being on camera and they use writing or a combination of writing and audio only. I will encourage you but not force you to go on camera if you don't want to!
What if I get overwhelmed by Tech?
Marisa has built her teaching for years with a DIY approach. While you can always invest in additional outside support down the road, Marisa wants this set up to feel as simple and easy as possible. She will take you through each step of the process. While there will be work ;) you'll be amazed at how easy it is! The idea is to get your course up and running and not perfectionism or fear keep and self doubt keep you from sharing what you know.
What equipment do I need to start with?
A current Computer, Phone, or other Mobile Device. An internet connection.
Will I need additional equipment and have to invest in a new platform?
Marisa is teaching the course with all budgets in mind. While you may decide to purchase new equipment, you may already have all you need! If not, Marisa will suggest a variety of options for you to choose from. And, you can get started on the platform recommendation with no upfront cost.
What is your refund policy?
We want you to be happy with the course choice! If within the first 30 days of registering, after you've attempted to implement the course lessons and you are still not getting the desired result, we're happy to refund you.
Will the resources you share work outside of the U.S.
Yes! I will be sharing resources that will work globally where there is internet connection.
Do I have to use only the software and platforms you recommend?
While I have my favorites that are tried and true, the bulk of this course offering is supporting you and creating and publishing your course content. Since most of the hosting platforms today are similar in layout and capabilities, I encourage my students to use whatever works best for them. And depending upon how complex your course offering is, it may also be hosted right from your main website. This is not a course intended to overwhelm, I like to keep it simple and support you in getting your ideas out of your head and into the world.
If I'm not able to start right away, will I have continued access to the course?
Yes! Once you are in, you will have continued access to all of the course material. While the goal is get you to take action and have an offering available for sale in 35 days, you do not need to feel rushed.
How extensive and detailed will my course need to be?
While I will encourage the depth and detail that feels right for each student and that will vary. Again this is not about overwhelm and starting with your most detailed course offering if you're not ready for that. The goal in 35 days is about creating a bite sized offering that you will now have to skills and tools to take your teaching as deep as you want, at the pace you want.

This course is not open for enrollment.

“I’ve taken many on-line workshops from various trainers. I always ended up feeling overwhelmed therefore, nothing was accomplished...until I entered Marisa’s classes. I felt comfortable and secure in her learning environment because she patiently taught one step at a time, always uplifting my personal self-doubt. I’m happy to say I was able to take many of my projects to the end goal!"

- Kay

"I cannot recommend Marisa’s classes highly enough! She is such a wonderful teacher. Super passionate and enthusiastic about her class content and she is really talented at being able to convey her information in a clear and interesting way. Marisa puts so much time, effort and energy into her classes that it is a wonderful experience. You can’t help but learn from her. Her passion for the business of creativity is completely addictive that you will go away completely fired up!"

- Caroline

"You've no idea how many times you've brought me back to trusting in my creativity over the years. I really, genuinely thank you for the impact and integrity you work with."

- Keita