Daily Sketchbook Painting

with Helen Dardik

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Welcome to the Thursday Club Lesson 2! "Daily Sketchbook Painting" with guest teacher Helen Dardik

So I've been thinking...as a working artist and teacher, with growing business and personal demands, who wants to get back to regular creating...

Wouldn't it be great to go from feeling overwhelmed + depleted, to carefree + creative, as you experience the fulfillment that comes from taking time for your creativity while learning and exploring alongside an encouraging and supportive community of kindred spirits?

This is the reason why I started the Thursday Club: To bring more energy and joy to your every day through a regular practice of creativity.

And it's also the BEST reason why I get to bring you a new LIVE lesson every month with inspiring and encouraging guest teachers, like Helen Dardik {@helen_dardik on instagram}

Join us! Our next lesson is "Daily Sketchbook Painting" with Helen Dardik, Thursday, March 7 @ 11:30 am PST/2:30 pm EST. {If you can't join live, no worries! You will get the video recording of the Lesson.} This is the very first time Helen is making this workshop available online, and you won't want to miss it!

You can join us as a monthly member to the Thursday Club with access to Creative Lessons all year, or just for a SINGLE LESSON. Space will be limited so be sure to save your spot right away. Register Below.

Life is too short to make boring ART...

This online class is for you if you want to:

  • Learn a new watercolor/gouache technique
  • Discover free-association painting
  • Discover the joy of sketchbook freedom
  • Learning a whole new way to see color
  • See a new way to balance and compose art
  • Win an argument with a white page!

If you are interested in joining The Thursday Club to have access not only to Helen's March lesson but to ALL Past and Future Creative Lessons, you can find more details here and sign up below.

Last December Helen and I taught a weekend painting workshop together in person. If you don't yet know her, or you've been following her for years, you will see what a delight Helen is to learn from. Relaxed, fun, hilarious and so imaginative. She is dedicated to her daily sketchbook painting, and bringing that passion for creativity to our upcoming lesson together. We will also be talking about the practice of painting from internal cues vs. external, creating from your imagination.

I know you're going to LOVE this lesson ~ Marisa

Your Instructor

Helen Dardik
Helen Dardik

Helen Dardik is a professional illustrator and a surface pattern designer based in Canada. Vibrant, folksy, playful toomuchery is a perfect way to describe her style. Born by the Black Sea, Helen lived in Siberia for a time and then moved to Israel, where she studied art and design. In the early nineties she relocated to Canada, where she got a graphic design degree and found work as a designer and illustrator.

Testimonials ~ Here's what our Students have to say...

"Had the best time at the workshop with Helen and Marisa. IT was the perfect opportunity to get back into the creative flow. Thank you Marisa and Helen for your creative wisdom, your welcoming spirits and your sense of humor. You filled my soul"

~ Nikki

"The workshop I attended with Helen and Marisa was wonderful. It was one of my favorite days of the year. Thank you so much for that lovely day, sharing art talk with the ladies and listening to good music"

~ Maru

"Feeling Incredibly grateful for the weekend workshop I spent with Helen and Marisa. Not only did I get back to painting but I was surrounded with a whole bunch of wonderful ladies."

~ Cayce

"The workshop I took with Helen and Marisa was an incredibly inspiring day for community and creative living."

~ Brooke

"I cannot recommend Marisa’s classes highly enough! She is such a wonderful teacher. Super passionate and enthusiastic about her class content and she is really talented at being able to convey her information in a clear and interesting way. Marisa puts so much time, effort and energy into her classes that it is a wonderful experience. You can’t help but learn from her. Her passion for creativity and the business of creativity is completely addictive that you will go away completely fired up!"

~ Caroline

"I am loving Marisa's community so much. I've had some shifts already! I'm painting up a storm, getting ready for the group's art walk/website launch. And I've had a big shift around the whole teaching possibility. I am starting to feel out what aspect of art-making really calls to me, what would I want to delve into and share with other artists in the form of a little online course. And this is coming from a place of inspiration and excitement. I'm amazed that I'm even typing all of this!"

~ Karla

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just subscribe for a month?
Yes! You are welcome to try the community out month by month, where you can cancel at any time and resubscribe. If you do re-subscribe and there is a price increase, you will be charged at the new price.
What if I am unable to attend the LIVE Lessons?
No Problem! You are welcome to send in questions or thoughts ahead of time and we'll do our best to answer them. All recordings of the lessons will be available following the live sessions.
What is the benefit of an ongoing Membership vs. a one time Course?
The synergy, inspiration, accountability and momentum that happen when a regular group joins together with a similar intention.
Where do I go if I have additional questions?
You can email us with any questions at hello@creativethursday.com
Will I need to purchase a lot of new supplies?
Each lesson will use varying supplies and have accompanying resource lists on where you can find them, but emphasis will be inspiring creativity using supplies you may already have.
What if I'm a beginner is this lesson still for me?
All Thursday Club Lessons are for all levels from beginner to more advanced.
Can I just purchase a single lesson with Helen or do I need to join the Thursday Club as a member?
Yes! You can purchase just a single lesson, or join as a Thursday Club Member. Either option is available below. When you join as a member, we'll send you an additional log in to the Thursday Club Member where you will have access to our private community and each monthly lesson.