The Thursday Club

Monthly Projects to Spark your Creativity

Hello and Welcome to the Thursday Club!

So I've been a working artist and teacher, with growing business and personal demands, who wants to get back to regular creating...

Wouldn't it be great to go from feeling overwhelmed + depleted, to carefree + creative, as you experience the fulfillment that comes from taking time for your creativity while learning and exploring alongside an encouraging and supportive community of kindred spirits?

This is the reason why I started the Thursday Club: To bring more energy and joy to your every day through a regular practice of creativity.

Our next lesson with guest teacher Helen Dardik is coming up soon. I invite you to join us for "Daily Sketchbook Painting" Thursday, March 7 @ 11:30 am PST/2:30 pm EST. Remember If you can't join live, no worries! You will get a replay video recording of the Lesson, and as a Thursday Club Member you get access to ALL Creative Lessons past and future.

As Helen says...

Life is too short to make boring ART...

This online class is for you if you want to:

  • Learn a new watercolor/gouache technique
  • Discover free-association painting
  • Discover the joy of sketchbook freedom
  • Learning a whole new way to see color
  • See a new way to balance and compose art
  • Win an argument with a white page!

Want all the details and inspiration behind the Thursday Club, continue reading below, then REGISTER to join us! You're not going to want to miss first EVER LIVE lesson made available by Helen. Until now you have not been able to learn from Helen online. This is an exciting opportunity and space for the live session is limited.

Is The Thursday Club what I've been looking for?

You want to be more CREATIVE! You want the time do more of what's most meaningful to you in your life.

Yup that's me!

But you feel like you can't find the time?

You wish you had more encouragement and support, especially on the days when that little voice of self doubt tries to creep in telling you "you're not creative", and questions your talent and abilities to try something new. {how dare it!}

And yet you know how fulfilled you feel when you put those doubts aside, and take the time to make something {and even better, finish a project!}

You know that having a supportive group of creative friends could inspire you and keep you on track, yet you feel more introverted and you'd really rather not leave your house.

You'd love to learn new techniques to get those creative juices flowing again, but you don't have the time to jump into a bunch of courses or figure out who you want to learn from and you'd also really rather not haul your supplies everywhere {or leave your house}.

You wish you had a consistent way to kickstart your inspiration and keep your creative motivation going, that feels easy and fun {not one more thing on your to do list}

You might also be a successful Creative Entrepreneur, yet now your business demands so much of your time you hardly have a moment to breathe, let alone find the inspiration to create something new.

It really makes you happy to make art for you.

And you love the synergy that happens when you are with a group of kindred spirits and CREATE together!

What if! you had a regular creative date, with a wonderful group of supportive friends, and fantastic teachers sharing new techniques and projects with you, and you didn't have to leave your house, or haul all of your art supplies with you? What if the joy you feel from tapping into your creativity more often, makes you happier every day. What if the momentum of feeling more inspired encourages you to do amazing things you've never tried before? What if your life just gets better and better simply because you made time for what is most meaningful to you. {I know it's possible because this is how it happened for me ** and this is precisely why I feel so inspired to bring you the Thursday Club.}

Joining the Thursday Club will bring you more fulfillment, joy, fun and inspiration to be a Confident Creative who knows the value of taking time for what she loves.

What do I get when I join the Thursday Club? Access to an exceptional creative community lead by Marisa Cummings, founder of Creative Thursday; professional Artist, Designer, Author, Teacher, and Podcaster + a Monthly LIVE Lesson featuring different creative projects, lead by special expert Guest Teachers + bonus lessons & more surprise plans to keep you creating all month long!

We will be learning new techniques, and exploring all different kinds of Creative Mediums:

  • painting
  • illustrating
  • block printing
  • fiber arts
  • color theory
  • creative mindset
  • quilting
  • photography
  • sewing + stitching
  • needle arts
  • working with clay
  • digital creating
  • cooking
  • writing...and more

When: February 1, 2019 - February, 2020

Price: monthly $24

The challenge for today's Creative is: Overwhelm = feeling a constant lack of time to prioritize what is most meaningful to you + the self doubt that can sneak in when comparing yourself to all the "amazing talent" out there.

The solution: Keeping a regular Artist Date with you. Exploring new creative disciplines, because one always informs the other and surrounding yourself with supportive friends, inspiring teachers, and personal guidance to champion more creativity every day.

A message from Marisa: Hi! Hellooo! it's me! And I know exactly how you're feeling.

Give yourself PERMISSION. Not so long ago, I was the one that gave myself PERMISSION to honor my creative voice. In the very beginning, I didn't have a lot of people championing my abilities. I experienced more rejection than acceptance. I started to think that making art regularly was only for those special few "artists" who had more talent. I wasn't sure I was an "artist", and yet I could no longer ignore the pull towards my own creative expression. Suppressing my creativity became so uncomfortable, that I had no choice but to listen and go for it. As I started to figure it out, this process that I call "trusting your creative voice", I almost immediately started podcasting and blogging. I began to think of everyone else who might be feeling the same way - who might be suppressing their own inspiration because they too didn't think that they fit the "creative mold" society sets for us, and I couldn't stand by and let that myth continue. Or the myth that says creativity is just for "fun" and not really something to be valued. I wanted to shine a light on what was possible. If I, an almost entirely self taught artist, could become a professional creative, selling my paintings and building an entire business around my art and a passion for creativity, then you can most certainly value and pursue your creativity {and maybe even turn it into a career as well}. Once I realized that it was about a decision to honor creativity in myself, and give myself permission to make time for what was most meaningful to me, that's when everything changed. I know what's possible when we do more of what we love in our lives, and it does inspire you and can absolutely** lead you to do amazing things you might have never done before. And it's always a lot easier to get that momentum going in a group! the Thursday Club!

I'm SO excited about this CLUB! I want in!

You want to be Creatively Inspired + Fired up! Hallelujah!

You are ready to make time for more of what you love

You can't wait to surround yourself with kindred-spirits {who also understand if you prefer to create quietly} but are always there to encourage you forward and celebrate the art you want to share {when you are ready to share!}

You are enthusiastic about learning new things

You want to take your skills to the next level, whether you are just beginning or you've been making art for a while, or you're a creative in business

You want regular access to a mentor who's been where you are, who knows how to stay in touch with creativity

You want access to expertise and resources from the best teachers

Wait, what if it's not for me?

You only want to focus on one type of creating

You want a place to talk Creative Business {I've got another group just for you!}

You let self doubt keep you from pursuing what you love the most

You wish you had the time but instead you choose to let everything else take priority in your life

Support, encouragement, inspiration and achievable action are the intentions behind my teaching style. It's all about empowerment with more ease and less overwhelm, trusting your intuition and loving your life.

See you in the Thursday Club!


Your Instructor

Marisa Cummings
Marisa Cummings

L.A. based Creative, Marisa Cummings is an artist, author, designer, speaker and series host. What started out as a small intention to be more creative one day a week while working a 9 to 5 job…is now the 13 year brand that is Creative Thursday. Her art sells worldwide and can be found in her own online boutique as well as select galleries and shops including Urban Outfitters, Land of Nod, Target and Papyrus. Marisa has designed 9 fabric collections and her book "Creative Thursday; everyday inspiration to grow your daily practice" has been published in 4 languages. Passionate about inspiring and empowering creative entrepreneurs to thrive in both life and business, Marisa teaches and consults. All of her present course offerings are now found here at Creative Thursday Courses.

Testimonials ~ Here's what Creative Thursday Students have to say...

“I’ve taken many on-line workshops from various trainers. I always ended up feeling overwhelmed therefore, nothing was accomplished...until I entered Marisa’s classes. I felt comfortable and secure in her learning environment because she patiently taught one step at a time, always uplifting my personal self-doubt. I’m happy to say I was able to take many of my projects to the end goal!"

~ Kay

"Marisa is an incredible coach. Her knowledge with many things, from running a creative business to mindset, are most valuable to me because I am able to take my business to the next level in a short time. She is uplifting, positive and always smiling, which makes learning so much more enjoyable.

~ Bonnie

"I cannot recommend Marisa’s classes highly enough! She is such a wonderful teacher. Super passionate and enthusiastic about her class content and she is really talented at being able to convey her information in a clear and interesting way. Marisa puts so much time, effort and energy into her classes that it is a wonderful experience. You can’t help but learn from her. Her passion for creativity and the business of creativity is completely addictive that you will go away completely fired up!"

~ Caroline

"Such a blessing having Marisa in the world! You've made such a difference in my corner of the world, especially way back in 2010 {before the "In the Fishbowl, Life as an Artist Online" was born} Life was hard back then and the Fishbowl Course was a beacon of light! Thank you for all your support and encouragement!"

~ Stephey

"I am loving Marisa's community so much. I've had some shifts already! I'm painting up a storm, getting ready for the group's art walk/website launch. And I've had a big shift around the whole teaching possibility. I am starting to feel out what aspect of art-making really calls to me, what would I want to delve into and share with other artists in the form of a little online course. And this is coming from a place of inspiration and excitement. I'm amazed that I'm even typing all of this!"

- Karla

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just subscribe for a month?
Yes! You are welcome to try the community out month by month, where you can cancel at any time and resubscribe. If you do re-subscribe and there is a price increase, you will be charged at the new price.
What if I am unable to attend the LIVE Lessons?
No Problem! You are welcome to send in questions or thoughts ahead of time and we'll do our best to answer them. All recordings of the lessons will be available following the live sessions.
What is the benefit of an ongoing Membership vs. a one time Course?
The synergy, inspiration, accountability and momentum that happen when a regular group joins together with a similar intention.
Where do I go if I have additional questions?
You can email us with any questions at
Will I need to purchase a lot of new supplies?
Each lesson will use varying supplies and have accompanying resource lists on where you can find them, but emphasis will be inspiring creativity using supplies you may already have.
What if I'm a complete beginner in the creative lesson for that month?
That's the best! Lessons will be for all levels. Learning a new skill always inspires the one you are most familiar with and vice versa. Being creative in wide range of disciplines inspires more creativity.